350 American participants, arriving in Italy to attend an important medical seminar, chose Teambuilding Evolution to create a moment of incentive and team building.

The delegation stopped in Rome for 3 days and could not miss the opportunity to visit the eternal city once in Italy.

For this occasion, we used the Spy Storyformat.

The task was to engage participants in a thriller story wandering through the streets of the city.

Investigative teams were able to reach different geocalized points set in the heart of Rome and thus enable individual contests.

The latter made it possible to view video testimony of suspects, quizzes and problem solving of investigative nature.

Only by correctly addressing all the evidence carefully and extrapolating information from the video was it possible to find the murderer.

Many weapons were available: skill, cunning, attention to detail, problem solving … a tablet and a latest-generation App!

Will they be able to discover the real culprit in the race against the clock, through the narrow streets and the most beautiful squares in the world?