A group of managers of IKEA Turin headquarter were challenged to a last minute race against a dangerous gangster on the run.

The city game The Target offers an intriguing thriller that sees a dangerous criminal escape from prison.

Some Police teams are involved in the chase.

Their weapons? Only the tablet and a series of satellites above the search area.

Will our agents catch the gangsters or allow them to commit the crimes they aim to accomplish before fleeing the country forever with loot of 1,000,000.00 euros?

The Target is a city game that allows you to live a unique experience that combines the adventures of a video game with thrilling and memorable experience in town.

The classic game of cops and robbers adds new super size dynamics: committing virtual crimes, challenging each other on the street with “dummy” weapons or hiding explosives to eliminate the pursuers…

Will our “IKEA police officers” capture the fugitive in time and put in the word game over?!