24 participants of Danone group traveled first class to Parma for an eventful day of team building activities.

At the Academia Barilla, we held a team cooking activity in which a team has tested between plates and burners.

With this activity we increased the ability to work as a team exploring and discovering the pleasure of “building together”: a team of single forces which, however, must be able to cooperate together to create wonders for their customers.

After eating the food prepared during the activity (the proper conclusion of splendid teamwork) the group moved to piazza del Duomo.

Here we presented the second team building activity: iPad treasure hunts, an exclusive of Evolution Team.

The business goal was to introduce the city of Parma through dynamic team building and help people get to know each other better by stimulating more teamwork.

The APP has made it possible to create a team building activity that has many stages in the most representative places of the city of Parma and of historical, cultural, artistic, social and culinary renown.

The Group managed to live very exciting moments that will remain in the memory of all despite hostile weather conditions in the afternoon putting a strain on the team.